How To Make Your Own Perfume In 4 Easy Steps!

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How to make your own Perfume

Ever wanted to create your own perfume and smell expensive without the pricetag? Well, now you can! Why spend a fortune on perfume or cologne if you can make your own for very cheap!?

Making your own perfume for your own use or for starting a small business has never been easier. Simply follow the simple guide below to get started.

What you will need:

  1. A Syringe (10ml or 20ml) / Glass of Plastic, Glass is better on the long run because it is reusable.
  2. Perfume Glass Bottle (whatever size you choose).
  3. Perfumery Alcohol (96% denatured Alcohol) - if you don't have that you can use any Alcohol, the higher the percentage the better.
  4. Fragrance Oil - it can be any kind, you can choose a familiar scent you already like to wear or do your own mix.
  5. Glass Beaker for mixing.
  6. Electric Milk Frother.

After you have all you need you can get started. It only takes 4 easy steps to create your own perfume. We are assuming here that we are making 100ML Glass Bottle of Perfume.

Step 1 - Preparation

Sterilize the Bottle, Beaker, and Syringe in Alcohol. Give them a good rub and leave them aside to dry.

Step 2 - Mixing

Take your Beaker and add Alcohol to the base, about 20ML. Of course, depending on how strong you want your perfume to be, you can add the Oil accordingly. For example if you want it light you can add 20ML of Perfume Oil to a 100ML Bottle, if you want it medium, you can make it 25ML and if you want it strong you can add 30ML.

After you have added your preferred amount of Perfume Oil, you can start by mixing the solution with an electric milk frother. Mix it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. After mixing, add more alcohol (if you added 30ML oil, you would need to add 50ML alcohol), that would bring the total to 100ML. After adding, mix it another 30 seconds to 1 minute. You are now done with mixing.

Step 3 - Bottling

Pour the finished mixture into the bottle and close it tightly. Shake the bottle a few times.

Step 4 - Aging

This is an optional step but recommended. Preferably, you can leave the perfume bottle in a dark cold place for a couple of weeks. This will enhance the smell, make it project more and last longer. When you age the perfume, you allow the components and ingredients interact with the solvent (alcohol) properly.

Note: There is no such thing as fixative. Fixatives are naturally added in the Fragrance Oils used in mixing. No other thing should be added to the perfume mixture apart from Perfumery Alcohol and Fragrance Oil. High quality Perfume Oils and Clean Perfumery Alcohol are the best fixatives.

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