SE6000 Aroma Diffuser

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The SE6000 Aroma Diffuser is the perfect solution for your Air Freshening needs. This model is suitable for extra-large spaces. This Aroma diffuser utilizes German Nan-technology or cold air diffusion. It does not use any heat nor water to diffuse the aroma into the air, pure essence is used to operate the device.

  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Power: 24W
  • Bottle Capacity: 1000ML
  • Net Weight: 5.4KG
  • Oil Consumption: 5ML/H
  • Coverage: 200m2
  • Wall Mount: YES
  • HVAC Connected: YES
  • Tabletop: YES
  • Ceiling Suspended: N/A

A full oil bottle lasts for 30 days, if used for 12 hours per day at 60% intensity.

What's in the box?

  • Aroma Diffuser
  • Power Adapter
  • Diffuser Keys
  • Empty Oil Bottle & Cap
  • Screws
  • HVAC Connection Adapter
  • HVAC Connection Pipe
  • FREE 150ML Diffuser Aroma